P42 DIY Non-Slimy Oat Milk

This may be the sign you need to switch from commercial milk to a cheaper, easier, and more eco-friendly plant-based milk. Our Graphic Artist, Mayette, makes for the first time an oat milk under 10 minutes!

If you're on the fence about making the switch, here are the reasons why you should try out Oat Milk!

First let's talk about: Why we should avoid dairy milk?

On the health perspective:

🥛 Did you know us humans are actually lactose intolerant? Yes! we are not designed to ingest milk even of our own species after the first few years of life.

🥛 There are hormones the cows produce and is injected in them that eventually goes to the milk we drink. And an excessive intake of these hormones (particularly estrogen and insulin-like growth factor 1) are very closely tied to cancers in the parts of our body. 

🥛 Dairy milk is also the largest source of saturated fat in our diet which is a primary cause of heart disease and obesity.

Now, for the environmental impact of dairy milk.

🐄 Number one, Greenhouse gas emissions. Dairy cows add a sizeable amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere which impacts climate change. 

🐄 Land-water use and Soil Health. Which is the conversion of natural habitat to agricultural land and the industry's significant contribution on water pollution and soil degradation.

🐄 Animal health and welfare. We all know this, but no cows are happy spending their lives in cages, where their calves taken away from them and they are used like a machine.

Why oats is one of the most eco-friendly options?

🎑 A 200ml glass of oat milk produce less greenhouse gas emission than soy or cow’s milk.

🎑 A glass of commercial oat milk needs about 9.6 liters of water produce, which makes oat milk have much lower impact than other milks (dairy milk uses 125.8 liters per glass!)

🎑 And oats use 80% less land to grow than dairy milk requires.

Start making your own oat milk with this easy recipe:


Some tips to avoid slimy oat milk:
  • Use dry rolled oats.
  • Don’t over blend the oats.
  • Blend for 30 seconds only.
  • Blend first non-oat milk ingredients then add oats . 
  • No need for nut bag. We recommend using a fine strainer.
  • Add .5 tsp of sunflower lecithin when blending the oats to slow down the separation of water and oats which is normal with non-chemical plant milks.

We have all seen what climate change can do to our lives. We can definitely start with ourselves to make some changes. If you want to start today, you can get our DIY OAT MILK SET.


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