5 Tips for Making your Workout More Eco-Friendly

Regular workout is part of being healthy but like most activities in life, it can come with a lot of plastic waste. As we aim to make ourselves healthier why not aim to make our environment a little healthier too? As we always say here in Feel Good Grocer, Mama Earth must feel good too!

With these small changes you can avoid plastics making your workouts more eco-friendly.

1. Choose eco- friendly yoga mats

Yoga mats are commonly made out of PVC materials which is one of the most environmentally damaging plastic. When looking for yoga mats choose the ones that are made out of recycled materials or cork. Cork is biodegradable and renewable making it a sustainable option.

Here is a Cork Yoga Mat made by Loopstore in partnership with Save Philippine Seas:

10% of the proceeds from this yoga mat will support SPS' projects on environmental protection. Click here to learn more about their durable and chemical-free high-performance workout mat. 

2. Switch to a natural plastic free deodorant

It's no secret that the beauty and personal care industry generates a ton of waste and most deodorants on the market come in hard plastic cases with many tiny components most of which are not readily recyclable. The average person consume about four to five deodorant sticks a year and that is a lot of plastic waste over our lifetime.

That is why we looked for some alternatives for your plastic packaged deodorant:

Zero Basics
They offer Vegan products for your face and body—zero waste style!

Matenara brings curated goods that reflect their passion for the handmade and the locally formulated, their love for animals by rejecting laboratory testing, and their respect for the planet by using recyclable and reusable packaging.

3. Bring your own water bottle

It's important to hydrate while working out but we shouldn't be adding to the plastic pollution just by our need to drink water. That is why you should bring your own reusable water bottle, it's easy to refill, costs less and good for the environment.

Check out the Drink n' Stash from our sister brand, Daydream Republic. Its collapsible which saves space in your bag and have a hook that makes it easy to carry while traveling.

Click here to checkout the Drink n' Stash together with our Superfoods.

 4. Buy SECONDHAND workout equipment and clothes

With gyms and studios closed, buying workout equipment can be more convenient. But instead of purchasing something brand new go for something secondhand instead. Buying secondhand also applies for your workout clothes.

This helps you save money, save resources, reduce demand for manufacturing new products and you also extend their life-cycle by giving them a new home, preventing them from going to waste.

Try looking at Carousell an app where you can list and find secondhand items.

5. Buy bulk superfoods

We made sure that our packaging are eco-friendly by using glass containers and paper bags but you can still lessen your carbon footprint by minimizing the frequency of your deliveries. Buying bulk means we use less packaging materials plus you also get discounts and save on shipping fees. 

Click here to start buying your Feel Good Grocer superfoods in bulk! Choose POUCH packaging option (Kraft + Glassine) to save P20 too! Available for delivery nationwide in the Philippines.

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