Our Pillars

Big goals start with small daily habits.   


Being healthy is a process, and it starts with your decision at this very moment.



Being healthy needs a holistic view.

This includes, US + COMMUNITY + ENVIRONMENT. We live in an interconnected world and each of these factors will affect our well being.


A trusted support

We're not just a "seller" or "supplier" for your essentials. We are truly with you in this journey.
Mango Chia Pudding

Artsy + Creative

We convey our message and deliver our product through inspiring visuals that would hopefully spark a positive action.

Green Smoothie Ingredients


The Founders

Feel Good Grocer was co-founded by Ray & Sasa, real-life lovers (oh my cheesy!), and currently in LDR with no scheduled meet-up yet because of COVID! Feel Good Grocer was conceptualized and put into action thanks to FB messenger!

Ray is in Japan as he works as an engineer, and Sasa is here in Manila taking care of her first-ever business, Daydream Republic. So instead of being in a slump coz of the whole pandemic situation, they thought having this joint project because Sasa became passionate sharing her healthy breakfast to her friends and also advocating for a less waste lifestyle through her brand Daydream Republic.