Hang Shampoo Bars

Switch from chemical-packed commercial shampoo to a natural one! Our unique shampoo bar has a cotton string to let you hang this and will help make your bar last longer.
  • GUGO for strengthening. Helps in (post-partum) hair loss.
  • ARGAN for moisturizing. No need for conditioner.
  • MINT CHARCOAL for detox and strengthening. Activated charcoal helps alleviate dandruff. Enjoy a mild cooling effect too!

Feel Good Details:

  • Shampoo Bar will last up to 3 months (depending on hair length)
  • Net Wt. 65g
  • pH balanced to prevent hair frizz & tangling
  • Safe for everyday use. The wrong pH can cause damage and breakage eventually!
  • Gentle cleanser that does not strip the natural oils
  • Safe for colored hair
  • No transition time from your commercial shampoo


(Formerly Daydream Republic Hang Shampoo Bar which we also own)

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